Remember Tomorrow is an animated series in development. The first volume of it’s correlating graphic novel of the same title will be released this year. It is a character driven metaphysical science fiction adventure. ‘Dazed and Confused’ meets ‘Akira’ on acid. It began with a screenplay I first wrote in 1999, has characters I created in 1989, and it has been a labor of love I’ve been obsessively working on ever since. Now all that love and insanity is becoming manifest, and will come to haunt others dreams (not just my own).

Read Issue Number One right here for free. Origin story time!

Want to see sneak peaks of the graphic novel as they are released? Fill out the form and follow me on Instagram and keep checking this page for new content, and you’ll get hooked the heck up. The historic first issue origin story will be released right here this summer, 2019. The first volume of the graphic novel will be complete and on market by 2020. I’m so stoked you’re in on the journey. Party on my friends.

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